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Replica of the Eifel tower in Tasikmalaya-Indonesia

Did you know that in 1898 set up a replica of the Eifel tower in Tasikmalaya-Indonesia, the proof of this photo. Eiffel tower made of bamboo Tasikmalaya in honor of the coronation of Queen Wilhelmina in 1898 and designed and implemented by the supervisor Air AH van Bebber.

You also must know the Eiffel Tower in France made in 1889 Gustave Eiffel made of steel construction and 320 meters high? Famous tower which was until now an inspiration for people to imitate him, either in the form of models, miniatures, souvenirs, and even a replica of it. Replicas in Shanghai China Tianducheng 108 meters high.

Tasikmalaya may be the first city in the world to make a replica of the Eiffel Tower from the non-metal material is approximately 2 years after the founding of the original Eiffel Tower. Of the photo and see a comparison of human and tower height, probably about 40-50 feet tall. Location of construction is unclear, possibly in the square in front of the marquee. Tasikmalaya bamboo replica of the Eiffel tower is much taller than the Eiffel Tower replica in a bamboo-made Erasmusburg Rotterdam Netherlands April 2008 only 15 meters tall.

Tasikmalaya city has a myriad of potential for tourism, among which are the natural attractions, crafts, shopping, religious tourism, arts, culture, SMEs, etc.. The potential of SMEs and the craft community, the City and County Tasikmalaya has the largest number of SMEs after Raya Bandung (Bandung, Cimahi city, Bandung regency, West Bandung regency) in West Java.

In addition, the city also has various craft forms and shapes that can absorb thousands of workers. With so many SMEs which are scattered in the city, the City is also known as the City Tasikmalaya SMEs. Tasikmalaya handicrafts include embroidery Tasikmalaya which has worldwide, Umbrella Geulis which has become an icon of West Java, Geulis clogs, sandals made in the traditional native Indonesia, batik Tasikmalaya is no less than other batik batik-in Java with his trademark, and crafts -other craft.

The city has such natural panorama Situ Gede, Mount Galunggung, Cipatujah, and other attractions to be styled the captivating natural attractions, thus potentially serve as a tourist destination in Indonesia.

Tasikmalaya city located right in the heart of the earth's center of Eastern and Southern Priangan, flanked by the Kudat with his Pangandaran attractions that have been legendary, Sumedang with museum attraction that holds the history of the earth Priangan, and Garut with Cipanas famous attractions.

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